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Blocked Drains Clearance 
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We are happy to help with blocked drains clearance in Ipswich or the surrounding areas of Suffolk. Call our experts today. We offer fast and low-cost drain unblocking throughout the local area. 

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Our Services For Blocked Drains

We supply many services for our customers and various blockages.

Drainage Unblocking 

Blockages in drains are common nowadays, but there are different methods of removing them depending on their placement and the blockage's size. 

When trying to unblock your drains, we can sometimes do a few CCTV drain surveys, which allows us to go through the pipework and find the blockage fast. This reduces the time needed and unnecessary cost.

Sinks, Baths, Toilets, And Showers Unblocking

We also provide services for unblocking blockages from sinks, baths, toilets and showers as these are also common things to occur. 

Blocked toilets, baths, sinks and shows can sometimes make things a bit annoying at times, which is why we suggest allowing us to do regular maintenance to reduce this chance. 

High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-pressure water jetting is a great way of getting rid of blockages that are rather big and tough. Normal methods might not be useful for these blockages. 

High-pressure water jetting is a method of having a water nozzle on the end of a pipe capable of going around bends. 

This nozzle makes the water cut through the blockage due to its intensity of the water being expelled. This will continue until the blockage is cleared.

Routine Maintenance Cleans

Many blockages are caused due to the pipes not being cleaned correctly, allowing many blockages to be formed over time. 

Having routine maintenance on the drainage system will enable it to stay healthy and clean, which reduces the likelihood of needing an emergency appointment to get it repaired/fixed. 

Cleaning your drain regularly is also relatively cost-effective as some damages might mean the parts need to be replaced instead of fixed/cleaned. 

If you would like routine maintenance, please contact us on 01473724319.


Common Drain Problems

Many drainage problems can occur. Here are a few:

Collapsed Pipes

Collapsed pipes can occur due to a few reasons, such as poor maintenance, degradation of the pipes or high pressure.

No matter the quality of the pipes, eventually, they will fall if not properly maintained. 

Collapsed pipes can be rather serious and difficult to deal with, which means it can take a while for the pipework to be fixed if it is possible

Tree Root Damage

Tree roots are also a common draining issue due to them being underground all the time.

The roots can often find themselves wrapped around the pipework and, in some cases, can find some cracks within the pipe. 

This means that they can crack the pipe bigger as the roots try to enter the drainage system. This job can sometimes take a bit longer, depending on the size of the roots. 

Blockages from Debris Build Up 

When food, grease, oil and other substances go down the drainage system, this can sometimes cause them to attach to the side of the pipework. 

The most substances that are sent down, the more that attach until they block the drain mostly or completely. 

Unclogging Kitchen Drains

Kitchen Drains are also very commonplace for blockages due to the number of substances that go down them. 

Depending on the blockage's size, sometimes sending down hot water can fix it, but if not, you will require to be more direct with how you remove the blockage from the pipework.

 Sometimes using water jetting is necessary as this is one of the best methods of removing blockages in pipes. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Drain Clearance

Who is responsible for a blocked drain?

Usually, whenever you are talking about drain cleaning and the blockage appears within your own house, you are responsible for it to get fixed as long as it is within your property border. 

However, if the sewage system has a blockage that needs to be fixed, we could give this to the sewage company. But this depends on whether the sewage systems are publicly owned or privately owned. 

This determines whether you are required to set up and pay for the blockage to be removed yourself or if someone else has to do it. Some sewers are still privately owned, which means the property owner must handle them.

How do you know if your main drain is clogged?

Whenever a main drain/sewer system is clogged up, there will be a few signs so that you can fix them. Signs that the main sewage system is blocked can consist of sinks or baths overflowing from water when other objects are being used. For example, if you are flushing the toilet, the sink or bathtub might overflow with water. 

When these occur, they are most likely signs that an issue within your pipework needs to be resolved. This happens due to most of the wastewater being removed from your house from one pipe.

What causes a blocked drain?

There can be many causes of blocked drains/sewer systems. However, these depend on where the blockage is. If a drain on the outside is blocked up, there could be a blockage of leaves that have found their way in and blocked the water flow, or it could be that the tree roots have found their way into the pipework. 

If this occurs, then they can grow within the pipes overtime and create a blockage. However, when the blockage occurs within the house, if you are looking at the toilet, this could be caused due to items being flushed down. 

If you are looking at kitchen sinks etc., this could be caused by the build-up of grease, oil, remnants of food, etc. These then attach to the sides of the pipework and build upon other bits of food flushed away, which will eventually turn into a blockage. 

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