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How Effective is Drain Jetting

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  • 18-11-2021
How Effective is Drain Jetting

If you have a drain problem, you may consider: how effective is drain jetting? We look at how drain jetting works and the reasons why you  may choose drain jetting to solve your drainage issues.

Why Choose drain jetting?

If you have a clogged up drain, then you will no doubt be on the hunt for solutions. As it is a common plumbing issue, there are conveniently several methods available to you, and each have their own merits. Of these methods, there is one that stands out in particular. 

Drain jetting is beneficial in the fact it is more versatile, effective, convenient and eco friendly than other methods. While it is certainly not free, it is also not a prohibitively expensive service. Compared to drain rods that only partially unclog the drain and make a mess while doing so, drain jetting provides a deep clean that completely washes away all forms of obstruction to the water flow while working from a safe distance.

Drain jetting also has the advantage of increasing the longevity of your drainage pipes by eliminating the root cause of most clogs, namely the sticky residue and grease that tends to build up along drain walls.

What Are The Benefits Of Drain Jetting?

Does Drain Jetting Work?

Drain jetting is a high-pressure water jetting procedure. It works by inserting a long high-pressure hose with a jetting nozzle on the end into your blocked drains. The hose is connected to a tank filled with a high volume of water and a powerful pump to power it. When the hose is inserted sufficiently far into the drain, cleaning can commence. With powerful jets of water, the hose will scour away just about any debris.

The primary purpose of drain jetting and the job it is best suited for is removing drain clogs. Its long and flexible hose allows it to reach deep into the drainage system, far beyond what any drain rod would be able to reach. 

The pressure of the water it expels is enough to dislodge and flush away clumps of matter that would get stuck regardless of what that matter is, be it food or solid objects. Drain jetting is even strong enough to cut through and clear tree roots, which are notorious as one of the most stubborn blockages you can have and for causing damage to plumbing infrastructure and drainage services.

Unblocking drains isn't all drain jetting is good for, though. The nozzle at the end of the hose also fires jets of water out of its sides and behind it. These streams of water serve to clean the interior walls of the drains, which is more often than not where the true source of the blockage lies. After a drain jetting, not only will any forming clogs be destroyed, but they will not reform for a much longer amount of time than if you had just removed the clog itself.

This also has the added benefit of improving your drains overall water flow, allowing it to perform more effectively.

What is Drain Jetting?

Drain jetting is at its heart, a simple process. Just take a tank of high-pressure water and blast it at all of the dirt and grime you want gone, kind of like a carwash but for your plumbing. Largely because of this simplicity, it works in a large number of situations. This lends to the versatility of the service because drain jetting can be used for both domestic and corporate reasons and in just about any environment. 

For example, a drain jetting will be just as effective in your home sink drain as it is in more industrial drains such as sewer drains. Furthermore, the strength of the water pressure is enough to cut through the roots of trees that may have infiltrated the pipeline. This makes it very effective on a forested rural property too.

You are no doubt already aware that jets of water are no laughing matter. a stream of water moving at a high enough velocity can do some serious damage, and as such, some safety precautions are advised. Generally, these precautions amount to a safety zone and some common sense. 

You can rest assured, though, that there is no risk of injury during a drain jetting service so long as nobody is being silly. Furthermore, the jet is not strong enough to cause any damage to the pipes themselves, so there is no need to worry about any property damage so long as there are no cracks or leaks in your drain.

Should I Choose professional Drain Jetting?

When your home has a drain blockage, your first option would probably be to attempt a DIY fix. This can be done by purchasing some drain cleaner and maybe a drain rod from your local DIY store. Should the blockage be a simple one that is close to the surface of the drain, then it may not be all that difficult to remove this way. You can also attempt to use a plunger.

In the event that these solutions were ineffective at removing the blockage or they were effective, but the clog keeps coming back, then you should consider drain jetting. Most household drain clogs are caused by similar things; fat, grease, limescale, rust, wet wipes and bits of food, particularly stringy food. All of these substances will be easily removed with the application of a sufficiently high-pressure water jet, and the process will be significantly quicker and easier than any DIY solution.

How Effective is Drain Jetting?

Can I clear my drains with a power washer?

Seeing as a drain jetting is easily comparable to similar power washing services that you can have done for other things, you might think that it is possible to use your power washer to perform a drain jetting yourself. It is certainly not impossible that this would work. 

If the clog is close enough to the surface of the drain that it is visible and accessible to your homes power washer, then, by all means, give it a go. It likely won't be any more or less effective than other DIY drain unblocking methods.

In general, industry professionals in all different sectors have access to equipment that is often orders of magnitude more powerful and effective than what is available to purchase from the domestic market. The difference between power washers for home use and professional water jets have a similar disparity as drain jetting uses a pump that is far stronger than what you will have.

Should you have access to a more powerful power washer, it is worth it to keep in mind that health and safety measures should be taken into account when using the tool. High powered pressure washers are often powerful enough to break the skin and can do serious damage if their stream comes into contact with a sensitive area of your body. It is for this reason that drain jetting professionals operate in teams.

Therefore when your DIY attempts fail, don't hesitate to get in touch with a professional plumber to perform a drain jetting on your drainage system. Some clogs are a tough nut to crack, but we guarantee that they will stand no chance against a professional-grade water jet.

 how drain jetting works

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