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What Are The Benefits Of Drain Jetting

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  • 01-12-2021
What Are The Benefits Of Drain Jetting

What are the benefits of drain jetting? If you have a drain blockage or want to prevent future drain blockages, you may consider a drain jetting service. We look at how drain jetting can improve the efficiency of your drainage.

High-Pressure Drain Jetting

Your homes plumbing needs maintenance in order to continue functioning at peak performance. Your drains may be easy to forget about, seeing as they are so out of the way, but they are no exception to this rule. 

There are all sorts of issues that can crop up as a result of neglected drain maintenance, such as bad smells and blockages.

Sometimes even a well-maintained drain can become blocked or clogged.

What Are The Benefits Of Drain Jetting?

In this case, we would recommend you hire a professional plumbing service to perform a high-pressure drain jetting. High-pressure drain jetting is a process that involves a plumber using a long hose connected to a strong pump to force water down the drain at incredibly high pressure. The high-pressure water should be enough to flush out any possible debris in the drain pipes, such as limescale, rust or any other clogs.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

Benefits of Drain Jetting

Hydro jetting is a very beneficial process for your drainage system. This is the case with most drain cleaning services and methods, but hydro jetting has a couple of distinct advantages over most other methods.

One of the foremost benefits of hydro jetting is how fast and efficient the service is. Generally, if you have a blockage in your drains and need a drain cleaning, you would need to use a drain rod. Using a drain rod to clean a blocked drain involves potentially hours of tedious poking and prodding at debris in the hopes of forcing the clogs down your drainage system. 

By calling for a hydro-jetting service, however, you can skip the hassle and save both time and effort by simply using high-pressure water to flush out even the most stubborn of blockages in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods. Furthermore, Hydro jetting has the benefit of providing a deeper, more thorough cleanse of your pipes which is useful when the blockage is deeper in the drain where a drain rod cant reach.

Blocked drains are often just as much of a problem as they are a symptom of something else. In many cases, clogs build up gradually due to grease and sticky residue that collects on the inside of drain pipes. These small obstructions allow dirt and debris to get deposited and, over time, cause a blockage. 

Simply clearing the blockage is usually not enough to remove the residue, though, as grease and other such things can be particularly tenacious. This means that if the drain is not thoroughly cleaned after it is unclogged, it is highly likely another clog will occur at some point in the near future.

Hydro jetting avoids this problem entirely as not only does it destroy blockages, but it also shoots powerful jets of water at the walls of the drain to clear any sticky residue. This means that by using a hydro-jetting service, you can ensure that your drains are not only clear of clogs but that they stay that way for longer.

Strong chemicals are very effective at breaking down and clearing most kinds of drain blockages, but they can have the unfortunate tendency to wear away at the drain pipes themselves. It's no use unblocking a drain only to cause more damage to the pipe than the blockage itself would have caused, and while you can use weaker chemicals to avoid such issues, they are likewise less effective at clearing tough clogs. 

There is also the environmental aspect to consider. All of those harsh chemicals have to go somewhere after all, and that is typically either a large body of water like the sea or a water treatment plant. In either scenario, those chemicals can cause damage to sewage infrastructure and the environment.

By using hydro jetting, you don't risk any damage whatsoever, whether it's environmental or not, because it is just water that is being blasted down the drain.

Why Choose Drain Jetting Services?

Why choose Drain Jetting services?

Hydro jetting is an incredibly popular plumbing service for a very good reason. It is an all in one drain cleaning and unblocking service that quickly and effectively removes clogs, debris, tree roots, grease and sludge from your homes drainage system. It is quick to perform and simple to boot. 

Unlike other methods of unclogging blocked drains, it doesn't present the risk of using harsh chemicals either, which prevents needless potential damage from being done to your drains.

Due to the fact that hydro jetting completely removes difficult residue and stubborn grease from the inside of your drains, you don't have to worry about having to call another plumber. 

It's already a relatively cheap service, and by minimising the need for repeat call out costs, it can even save you more money than other methods would allow.

By using high-pressure water, hydro jetting avoids making a mess and the potential for getting drain gunk all over you. It's a fact that cleaning out a clog is one of the more unsanitary plumbing jobs, and usually, cleaning them out thoroughly will involve you getting dirty as you poke and prod at the clog with a drain rod. 

With hydro jetting, you have a long hose at your disposal that you can use to blast away at clogs from as far as 100 metres. Even the deepest clogs in sewers aren't out of the reach of drain jetting, and the less you have to be near that sort of filth, the better.

For the eco-friendly inclined, it is important to think about how your actions impact the environment, not just in your own household but beyond. Using chemicals and having them flush down a drain to clean out a clog is almost always bad for the environment. 

Most of these chemicals are toxic to wildlife, and even if they go to water treatment plants before they end up in the ocean, those facilities often produce waste of their own which can harm the environment.

Clean water is about as eco-friendly as it gets, and drain jetting uses it exclusively. With the high pressure of the water being used, there is simply no need to use chemicals as the jets of water are more than enough to handle the toughest blockages.

It is a common conception that commercial and domestic properties have separate plumbing needs, and while that is true in some ways, drain jetting can be used in both environments. 

Whether you are a commercial business and you have a clog in your office plumbing or if you are a domestic homeowner whose toilet keeps backing up, a drain jetting service is likely just what you need to solve your plumbing problems.

The best kind of solution to a problem is to ensure the problem never happens in the first place. Having regular drain jetting performed is an excellent measure to take if you want to be absolutely sure that your plumbing is well maintained.

Another great idea is to have your drains jetted when moving into a new house or office. Doing so ensures that there are no nasty surprises left for you in the plumbing by the previous occupants so you can rest easy.

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