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Can You Unblock A Drain With A Jet Washer

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  • 26-10-2022
Can You Unblock A Drain With A Jet Washer

Can you unblock a drain with a jet washer? Find out how pressure washing works and if you should  use a pressure washer to unclog a drain.

Should You Use a Pressure Washer to Unclog a Drain

Everyone hates the sight when they are trying to wash the dishes and then noticing a slow-draining sink or tub. You can turn to plungers and chemical solutions, but these options will not always work the way that you are hoping for. Then you are left with a deep sink full of disgusting sewer water. What is the next step?

There are various different ways that you can go about unclogging a drain, but one of the most popular with some undeniable benefits is through using a pressure washer. The use of a pressure washer is excellent for getting your drainage system flowing as it was designed to once again.

It is a highly effective method for opening your drain back up without breaking the bank and having to spend a lot of unnecessary money. Have you never used a pressure washer before? That is not an issue! Continue reading, and we are going to give you a deep dive into exactly how a pressure washer works and when it is the right time to use one.

What To Do If You Have A Blocked Drain

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

Through the use of a sewer jetter attachment with a pressure washer, it is possible for you to unclog your drain with ease.

Although the name can confuse people, a pressure washer does not build up pressure within the pipe in order to get things flowing again; instead, it uses highly pressurised water to blast through the pipe's internals and break apart any debris that is clogging up the passageways.

The sewer jet itself is a long flexible hose-like device that has a jet nozzle attached to one end.

The nozzle has both front-firing and back-firing jets. On the other end of the sewer jet is the coupling that allows you to attach the device to the pressure washer.

The device's front-firing jets are used for expelling high-pressure water, which is used for breaking up all kinds of clogs within your drainage.

The back-firing jets send the hose down the drain and can be used for scrubbing down the sides of the pipes.

If you already have a pressure washer in your possession, then using a sewer jet attachment is ideal.

They will usually cost less than a mechanical drain snake, as well as unclogging the drain at a faster rate and being easier to clean after they have been used.

Can You Unblock A Drain With A Jet Washer?

Why Use a Pressure Washer for Unclogging the Drain?

All kinds of debris can lead to build-ups within your pipes that can slow down the way that water flows through. Debris can include grease, hair, dirt, and soap residue.

There are three main ways that you can go about unclogging a drain:

 Using a chemical drain cleaner.

 Using a plumbing auger.

 Using a pressure washer.

A plumbing auger is a long metal tube that has blades at one end and a crank at the other.

You use the device by feeding the bladed side down into the drain and then cranking the device by hand in order to break up the blockage.

The plumbing auger is perfect for when drains have minor blockages, but on some occasions, it can lead to pieces of debris being left within the pipe.

This will just lead to further buildups and cause another drain clog in the future.A pressure washer that has a sewer jet attached is another option.

The sewer jet can use its back-firing jets in order to get even deeper down the drain, and there is a lot less physical effort on your side of things.

Why Use a Pressure Washer for Unclogging the Drain?

The front jets will break down the blockage entirely and then wash down the walls of the pipes to ensure that another blockage does not build up and occur in the near future. There is a much higher chance of avoiding future drain clogs when you use a pressure washer. Plus, due to the fact the device has no moving parts, unlike a drain snake, it is far easier to clean once the job has been completed.

Overall, pressure washers are the most efficient way to remove debris from your clogged-up drains. Plumbing augers and chemicals can be effective too, but they come with a lot of hurdles to overcome. A pressure washer only uses water, and this means that there will be no scratching of your pipes and zero chemical damage.

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