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What Does A Drainage Survey Cost

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  • 14-03-2023
What Does A Drainage Survey Cost

This article asks: What Does A Drainage Survey Cost? If you are moving into a new home or selling a property you may be considering a drain survey. We look at what you would expect to pay for drainage surveys in Ipswich and Suffolk.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

It can be deeply infuriating to deal with constant drainage issues, especially when you don't know the root of the problem. Perhaps you've tried a few traditional methods in an attempt at a DIY job to troubleshoot all the drains in your home, like drainage rods or snakes and drain jetting techniques, but you're having no success. Not every sewer or drain issue your home encounters can be immediately identified and diagnosed.

It may be time to invest in a comprehensive CCTV drain survey from drainage contractors that can help prevent drain blockages. They are a fantastic diagnostic solution for your drain and pipe systems that enable experts to unearth unclear drain problems and encourage early cheaper repairs.

Thorough and extensive surveys are offered to homeowners, property developers, and landlords across the country and local areas for anyone suffering from a faulty or poorly maintained drainage system.

What Does A Drainage Survey Cost? Drainage Surveys In Ipswich And Suffolk.

How much does a CCTV drain survey cost?

You'll find that the price you pay to have a quality, professional CCTV drainage survey will be affected by various factors. The following factors that impact the average cost include:

  • The size of your property
  • The complexity of your household build and its existing drain system
  • The number and type of major or minor blockages found
  • The type of survey you have
  • The whereabouts of your property

The average price of having a drain camera inserted into your system to perform thorough drainage inspection work is approximately £90. Local drain surveyor experts often offer two unique types of drain surveys you can choose from; both have advantages and disadvantages.

A standard drain survey will cost approximately £85-£235; for a complete CCTV drain survey that comes with an in-depth inspection report of your system, you can expect to pay around £200-350. Always consider the factors that could add more money to the estimated price. 

When do I need a CCTV drain survey?

Numerous homeowners throughout the UK probably don't constantly think about the condition of their drains; however, they are a crucial part of your daily life and the function of the appliances in your home. As drainage systems are so vital, a 2-3 year average CCTV drain survey is a valuable, cost-effective service that will bring peace of mind to all property owners. You may have your interior drains examined for a broad range of reasons.

Suppose you're planning on purchasing a property. In that case, a sewage survey will help you understand the condition of the poor drainage system and alert you of any issues or significant repairs that need completing. You may need basic drain inspections if you notice that your sink, wet room shower or bath is taking too long to drain. Should you notice that water is slow to drain down your plugholes, it is possible that you have blocked drains.

If you have burst or rusted pipes due to the cold air or harsh wintery weather, this may be causing you some drainage issues, such as a collapsed drain or drain line breakage. Regular plumbing and drain usage is another significant reason for having an interior CCTV inspection, as the more often it's used, the more it will need checking and maintaining. For those that have noticed that their sink, bath or toilet has begun pooling or does not empty efficiently, this is another sign of a drainage issue, and you will require an inspection survey.

Another sign your drains require a CCTV footage survey is if you start noticing unpleasant or strange foul smells coming from your drains. You'll find that the root of the problem often tends to be a build-up of unflushable waste produce lingering in your pipework. These products could include hair, soap, grease, baby wipes, sanitary products, coffee beans, and other food waste. 

What factors impact the cost of a drain survey?

Drainage systems can dramatically vary between every property, so it is crucial to keep in mind that the cost of your 2-3 year drain survey is going to change depending on certain factors. Many homes across the country have drainage systems, and some are more complex than others.

You'll find that because complex drains are more complicated to navigate, meaning they require more time and labour to carry out repair jobs and CCTV surveys, which is why you'll notice the price rise. Often, complex systems are found in much bigger homes, as they carry plenty more pipework that must be cleaned, navigated and checked.

What Factors Impact The Cost Of A Drain Survey? Ipswich and Suffolk.

The more pipe your household or property has, the longer drain surveys and general maintenance will take, again adding to the cost. The price range of a CCTV drain survey for a much larger property typically sits around £350-£450 and can take around 6 hours complete.

It's better to schedule this day with a local drainage professional so you don't double-book it. If drainage engineers find your drain challenging and complicated to access, this can typically lengthen the duration of the inspection, as your experts will need to dig accessible manholes. Some systems require experts to excavate the ground to get to your pipework or tanks, which, in turn, adds an extra £100-£300 to the labour costs.

What Will A CCTV Drain Inspection Find?

Types of CCTV drain survey

Having your drain thoroughly cleaned with regular servicing is essential as it is much like a general requirement that enables your drains to function efficiently. In the same vein, there are numerous reasons why you should schedule a CCTV drain survey.

Professionals that perform CCTV surveys of your drainage system are highly qualified, making the process efficient of identifying and diagnosing potential issues much more straightforward to address. Some of the types of full drain surveys that you can have are as follows:

Pre-Purchase CCTV Survey Ipswich and Suffolk.

Pre-Purchase CCTV Survey

Professionals typically use CCTV drain surveys as they help check the overall condition of your drainage system, and they are most valuable in the period before settling on a house you wish to buy.

Diagnostics are produced during the examination of potentially damaged metal pipes, helping to provide information, including detrimental warnings about problems that could develop down the line.

Learning this information early on can save you money and time on future costly repairs. Repairs are much cheaper when issues are found faster through a comprehensive drainage report. 

Pre-Build Survey

Pre-build surveys are a thorough assessment carried out by qualified professional engineers registered in England. They are used to protect your existing pipework by eliminating the risk of damage. It's paramount that before you begin a building project, you ensure your workers aren't building a home or commercial property over a drain or sewer, as this can cause considerable disruption.

A pre-build survey is the best way to check for these risks. Some assume that these checks don't apply to specific builds; however, even if you intend to build a property extension, it is recommended by the local water authority that you have experts carry out sufficient CCTV surveys. In doing so, professional engineers can double-check whether your desired construction work is nearby any essential water utility or drainage pipes. 

Vermin Infestation Survey

For those that can hear scratching or scrambling sounds beneath your floorboards or have spotted rat droppings outside your home or by the drainage, you may have a rat infestation harbouring inside your drains that is causing a significant blockage. CCTV drain surveys ensure your mind is at rest and will answer the question of whether or not you have an infestation.

Drainage and camera engineers in the field utilise high-quality CCTV cameras that they can send down your pipework or street drain covers to assess if there are present rodents, any damage they could have caused and their potential entry points. Once professionals get their answers, they can diagnose the issues at hand and relay the information to local pest control experts. 

Drain Maintenance CCTV Survey

Suppose your drains stop functioning as efficiently as before for whatever reason; we highly recommend investing in high-quality drain maintenance and surveys every 2-3 years, especially for those whose drains suffer more frequently than usual. You must treat your drainage system like your car or vehicle.

CCTV drain surveys are like regular car servicing or MOT tests, as a drain survey will ensure that your system is ahead of the curve in case remediation or repair work needs to go ahead.

The frequency of your CCTV drain surveys depends on various factors, such as the condition of your existing pipework and its age.

Drain Maintenance CCTV Survey Ipswich and Suffolk

However, if you desire further information on how often your drains require a survey, contact your local drainage experts, who can provide you with plenty of advice and guidance. They have all the skills and specialist equipment to provide any drainage, septic tank or soakaway drain requirement you have, alongside a full drain survey report. 

Are you looking for drain surveys in the Ipswich and Suffolk area? Find out more about our local drain survey services below.