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Why Does My Sink Keep Backing Up

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  • 28-07-2022
Why Does My Sink Keep Backing Up

Are you asking: why does my sink keep backing up? We look at the causes and solutions for backed up sinks in your home or business.

Kitchen Sink Blockages

As we all know, water drainage systems are made to guarantee that unclean water is removed from the sink using gravity, enabling users to fully clean whatever is in the sink. Therefore, it might be concerning if water starts to flow back into the kitchen sink through the plughole.

When water that should be draining away begins to back up into the kitchen sink, there is probably a blockage somewhere in the drainage system that has to be addressed. Since there's frequently a lot of waste released into the water, blockages in the drainage from kitchen sinks are a fairly frequent occurrence.

The debris may stick in the plumbing and result in clogs if the user doesn't make sure that it doesn't get sucked down the plug hole. The kitchen sink is more prone to clogs than any other sink in the house because of how much detritus is loosened while washing dishes or cleaning vegetables, for example.

What To Do If You Have A Blocked Drain

The Common Causes of a Sink Backing Up:

Food, grime, grease, and hair often find their way down the drain when you use the kitchen sink frequently. While some of this material will travel through the pipes unhindered, other pieces may become lodged. This accumulation narrows the pipe aperture over time, making it more difficult for water to flow freely.

As the issue becomes worse, the water is forced back up the sink drain because it has nowhere else to go. Particularly susceptible to clogging is the sink trap. Although the sink trap is an important plumbing part that prevents sewer gas, it does tend to build up quickly.

There comes a point where the accumulation is substantial enough to significantly impede the flow of water. The water in the kitchen sink will back up as a result of this.It will need a professional plumber's knowledge and skill to unclog the kitchen sink pipes; the easiest strategy to stop this issue from occurring is to reduce the likelihood of obstructions.

By preventing hair and other debris from washing down the sink, this gadget helps to lower the possibility of blocked pipes.

A new dishwasher might be the source of the kitchen sink water backup. This happens when your dishwasher and kitchen sink drain into the same pipe. While your dishwasher is discharging, water may run back up from the kitchen sink.

The dishwasher sprays a considerable volume of water at once to effectively clean plates. Since your pipes may be unable to handle this volume of water, some of it will return to the sink. This is especially common when individuals replace the pump in their dishwasher.

Have you ever noticed how water only backs up into your kitchen sink while your washing machine is on? If this is the case, your washing machine pipe is most likely the source of the clog.

Unblocking this pipe may be challenging since you will need to exert sufficient effort to remove the blockage. Make sure to contact a plumber to ensure that the pipe is unclogged without causing harm to the plumbing components.

The sink drains are the highest in your home's plumbing system. Before impacting the kitchen sink, the signs of a plumbing issue that affects the entire house are likely to manifest elsewhere in the house. Therefore, backed-up water typically indicates a problem with the kitchen sink rather than the main drain line.

Having said that, the main drain pipe is still a potential offender. The master drain line, which is connected to your home's septic system or the public sewage line, receives waste from all sinks.

Your sink pipes will ultimately become clogged with food, oil, debris, and hair, which will then travel to this main line. The water flow might get impeded and back up into your sink if the muck accumulates in the drain line and coats the interior of the pipe.

Your plumbing system needs effective venting to function properly. This venting allows the system to take in the air it needs to maintain adequate water flow. If your vent pipes are obstructed, water may have a tough time travelling through the system. In these vents, insects, squirrels, or birds commonly build nests that clog the pipe.

If so, you must check the roof for any blockages to the vent pipes; make sure to contact a professional to clean the vent pipe of any debris that may have led to the backup of water in your kitchen sink.

How to Find the Blockage

The most crucial thing to do if water is flowing up through your kitchen sink is to locate the clogged location and unclog it. Check your other fixtures as well, as water is likely to be backing up in them as well as in your sink. If your sink only backs up when the washing machine is draining, the clog is most likely in the washing machine pipe.

The simplest way to deal with a clog is to use a plunger as soon as you notice it. This is straightforward with a toilet, but remember to close the overflow pipe and stopper first. If the clog is in a pipe going to a fixture, such as a washing machine, but is connected to the sink, it is worth filling the sink with water and then plunging to free the obstruction.

While blockages might be inconvenient if not addressed promptly, they are typically simple to repair and have no long-term consequences on your house. If you have a blockage that you can't discover or are having difficulties unblocking, it's advisable hiring a plumber to repair it without causing any additional issues.

Clearing the Blockage

If you suspect a clog in the toilet line, try plunging it, but first, close the sink stopper and plug the overflow holes. If the plunger fails, you may need to locate a cleanout in the waste line and feed in an auger.

If the backlog is caused by the washing machine, try filling the sink with water and then plunging it. This may force the obstruction out of the fitting shared by the sink and the washer. If you need to clear it manually, the quickest method to find it is to follow the drain from the washing machine.

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